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Top 10 benefits of online courses for 21st century learners

10 reasons smart people have chosen the internet over regular classrooms…

Online courses are arguably the most significant revolution that the contemporary education industry has ever witnessed. It is worlds apart from the conventional classroom environment. Those accustomed to the tradition classrooms might not help wonder why would someone take an online course.

If you are among these people before you jump the gun, chances are that you have ever had some form of online learning. Have you ever used a mobile phone or computer to Google something? Then you are part of the statistic of people who have done some online learning. How easy was it to get the information you were looking for? Would you have rather walked into a public library to get that information?

I bet not. If that’s the case, it is time to stop wondering why online courses are spreading like bush fire. Instead, take time to discover some of their benefits.

Top 10 Benefits Of Online Courses.

1. You can choose the time to study

What people hate most about school is the inability to freely determine what time to study or to attend class. Online learning affords you this luxury. Whether you are an evening or a morning person, you can choose the best part of the day to study.

Typically, the traditional school do not care about the time of the day you are most productive or whether you have an appointment with your dentist. One of the most significant benefits of online courses is the flexibility in terms of time to study.

2. Facilitates greater interactive learning

There exists a massive divide among researchers who are for and against the idea that online learning fosters higher levels of interaction in a class setup. Those who argue against this notion claim that e-learning eliminates face to face interaction.

On the other hand, an online class is less intimidating due to the absence of face-to-face interaction. Given that 74% of people have a problem with public speaking, online learning drastically improves the levels of interaction. This could be through discussion forums and chats.

3.  Online courses are more affordable

Are online courses more affordable than traditional classes? Well, more often than not, they are. Besides this fact, online learning is more affordable because individuals and schools spend less on:

  • Lab fees,
  • Parking fees,
  • Commuting costs,
  • hostels
  • Need fewer books and instructors.
  • No money is spent on training facilities and/or classrooms. 

4. You can study in your pyjamas right from your couch

I guess online learning does not get better than this. Picture this, people to drop everything in their life to cross the oceans to go study. Though this is not necessarily bad, if you already have family, work, or business commitments, then moving can derail your life.

Online learning allows you to study at your own pace and comfort. This means:

  • Lower cost of education,
  • Study however and whenever you want,
  • No worrying about being late to get to class.

5. A hassle-free application process

Among these top 10 benefits of online courses, this one carries much weight. For a traditional course you need to:

  • Apply,
  • Wait to get accepted,
  • Get visa paperwork
  • Get a residence permit
  • Get a work permit
  • Travel to the campus
  • Get a hostel or some other accommodation
  • Commute to and from school, among other things.

Is this the most convenient way to start your degree? On the other hand, for online learning, all you need to do is to apply online and to get approved.

6. You learn skills that are not taught in the traditional class

Online learning means total freedom to choose what, when, how to study. There are no colleagues to influence you or teachers to keep checking on you. The naysayers will say that this might derail you from learning.

However, this means that you need to cultivate self-motivation, discipline, and time-management skills to succeed in online courses. Such are not typically developed in a traditional class.

Moreover, these skills will come in handy when you get employed or when running your business. This is because, in such setups, no one will keep tabs on you to help you succeed. Thus, the sooner you develop such skills, the better. 

7. Location, Location, Location!

I Had to mention this thrice owing to the fact that it is one of the most important benefits of online learning. Typically people choose a university, based on location, or rather attend one that is within their locality. Online classes, on the other hand, eliminates the location limitation. This gives you room to focus on more critical aspects of learning; which brings us to the next point.

8. Have Access to the Best Teachers

Now that you can school in any university in the world from anywhere (work, home, café etc.) you can now focus on finding the best instructors. Location limits you to acceptance of what you can access wherever you are. Online learning, on the other hand, enables you to learn from the best professionals and Gurus from various parts of the globe.

9. Benefit from advanced technology

Online learning institutions use cutting edge technology to promote active learning and also to remain competitive. This includes the use of methods such as online discussion forums, demos, videos etc. to foster learning. Technology in education brings us to the next benefit.

10. Benefit from diversity

Online learning technology is collaborative in nature. It includes video conferencing, collaboration groups, online forums, screen sharing, among others. This allows you to network with various students and professionals from different backgrounds across the globe. Consequently, this enriches the learning process in unexpected ways. This is thanks to the fact that peer to peer learning is one of the greatest sources of insight.

The Wrap-up

The above top 10 benefits of online courses depict why online learning is such a disruptive technology. You can now access quality education in your pyjamas or anywhere else, in a much cheaper and convenient way.

So, will online courses completely replace the traditional class? Probably not. This is because some fields are better off studied in a conventional class. However, what is apparent is that online education will increasingly become popular than ever before.

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