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Modern Vlogging Techniques 2020: Become a Vlogger and make money helping people

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25 secret ideas for a profitable Vlog in 2020
2020 Vlog focus areas areas and style that pay

Setting up Vlog Internet Career

Diversifying your Vlogging business

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With results of top income earning Vloggers all over the internet, Vlogging is becoming an interesting area of internet marketing to venture into. In case you are wondering, a video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Since Vlogging is becoming increasingly more popular, there has never been a better time to start a vlog. This course is packed with resources to get you started.

People really enjoy watching high quality vlogs and some vloggers have subscribers in the millions. But you don’t need millions of subscribers to make money from vlogging. There are many vloggers that have a lot less subscribers that make a full time income and more from their vlogging activities.

Doing something that you love and recording it to share with the world and making money at the same time. This is more than a dream – it can be your reality if you follow the advice provided in this guide. By all judgement, video offers the best form of live interaction with an audience. After all, visual aids have the highest impact on people. The power of imagery is so strong because it’s directly linked to memory retention.

According to 2017 marketing statistics, 84% of online marketers use visual assets in social media marketing as visual content is 40x more likely to get shared. Our brain also processes videos 60,000 times faster than text. And internet users love videos – the average consumer will watch approximately 206 videos per month. Empowered with this information, video blogging statistics predict that 87% of communications will be visual by 2020. In addition, it is expected that 79% of internet traffic will be video content by the following year.

This course, “Modern Vlogging Techniques 2020: Become a Vlogger and make money helping people” has been designed for exiting Vloggers who do not currently earn enough from their channels and upcoming Vloggers that wants to get things right from the get-go. With a little token and precious time investment, you could be close to your next stream of income. Enrol now!

What to learn?

Master hidden secrets behind modern Vlogging and earn money from it. Develop a healthy skill that puts money in your account, not just for the fun of it. Launch your first attempt to making money online. You could become a well-known influencer or celebrity on the process!


  • You need a mobile phone, a laptop or desktop computer or have access to one.
  • Basic knowldge of the internet and how to take videos with mobile phone or a camera.
  • Willingness to try new things, if you're good speaking, better.

Target Audience

  • People who need a hobby that pays through the internet.
  • Everyone who can take videos via mobiles or camera and wants to make money teaching or sharing news.
  • Existing Vloggers and Youtubers who currently do not earn enough money.


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$105.00 $19.97

Material Includes

  • About 2-hours on-demand video course.
  • Brand new 2020 Vlogging hand-out (e-book).
  • Access to materials to help you start and earn your first check online.