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Brand Influencer : From Beginner to Mastery | 2022 » Librancy


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Brand Influencer : From Beginner to Mastery | 2022

Course Curriculum

Getting started…

Understanding your Audience

Building Influence as a beginner

Conclusion and launching

What I will learn?

  • Learn how best to make use of your online presence and earn money in the process.
  • How to monetize your social network followership and friends.
  • Turn your friends list to a source of income in 2 weeks.


  • Must have a social media account - Facebook and Instagram.
  • Willingness to learn how to make money online.

Material Includes

  • Free handout to guide your post-course brand influencing experience.
  • Expert Monetization Tips for Influencers.
  • How to Choose Your Niche as an Influencer
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  • Must have a social media account - Facebook and Instagram.
  • Willingness to learn how to make money online.


If you are looking at becoming a well-paid product brand Influencer on the internet, this course is for you. Do online friends often ask you for opinion? Are you good-looking, can dance or have nice shape? Are you the kind of person who loves to share stories about events, products, lifestyle and celebrities on social media? Do you make product recommendations just because you love the brand so much? If any of these are true, you are already practicing the skills of an online influencer without knowing.

When people ask “How can I become a product brand influencer?” what most of them are really asking is, “How can I make money promoting other peoples’ products and services – or companies even!?”.

What is even more rewarding than becoming an affiliate marketer, or selling a digital product, is to become an influencer. This way, you will be not only rich, but also famous.

You’ll find that influential people and companies are lining up to offer you amazing opportunities. You’ll be able to launch any future business idea or product you can possibly dream up to immediate success.

And you’ll even be recognized in the street by grateful fans. This is the true power of marketing on the web. With this video course you’ll learn to become a micro influencer. That means an influencer with just a few thousand follows, that can nevertheless command the same kinds of endorsement rates and that can drive sales.

This is a far more achievable goal, but one that can allow you to make a living from doing what you love and talking about your passions inside a year.

Topics covered:

  • 5 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out as an Influencer
  • 5 Ways to Build Your Followers and Increase Your Influencer
  • How to Choose Your Niche as an Influencer
  • How to Find Great Topics to Blog and Post About as an Influencer
  • How to Get Brand Deals as an Influencer
  • How to Work With the Top Influencers in Your Niche
  • Monetization Tips for Influencers
  • The Secret to Becoming an Influencer is by Delivering Value
  • Understanding the 3 C
  • Which Social Media Platforms Should You Build Your Influence On

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