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Google Adsense and Blog Traffic Automation Bootcamp, 2020

$89.99 $62.99

( 3 Reviews )

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01h 54m

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$89.99 $62.99

Course content

7 Lessons01h 54m

Introduction & getting Started

Introduction and Overview of Google Adsense
Proof: How I made $830,531.75 from Adsense in 11 years

Modern Blog Design and Adsense Application Strategies

Blog Content and Income

Software-Driven Traffic Growth

Wrapping Things Up


How I made $830,531.75 from Blogging in 11 years. And how you too can start from scratch (or improve on existing blogging career) and achieve same result. 

This course is a compendium of my 11 years experience as a Publisher (Blogger) with Google Advertising Program (Adsense). Since it’s launch in 2003, the Google Adsense program have grown to become the leading source of advertising income for Bloggers and website owners who receive payments 21st of every month. And with growing use of mobile devices across the globe, it has become relatively easier to start and monetize a blog using Google Adsense from scratch – subject to google Adsense site policies.

The materials in this course has been carefully selected, and organized in such a manner that experienced and inexperienced persons can follow the guide, set up their blog and apply to become a publisher with Adsense, the income from this approach is recommendable. It covers everything from adsense account sign up, approval, to login, ad optimization and placement to making actual money using blog traffic growth/automation best practices.

With over 6.8 million advertisers on Google, the team at Adsense have continually improved on their system to serve their vast users and customer base – using all kinds of strategies including artificial intelligence to manage and implement bidding strategies for their ad impressions, cost per clicks and click through rates. If you are a blogger wanting to improve your earnings or you’re currently searching for how to become a blogger, this is it!

This course therefore teaches how to set up a blog from scratch and grow traffic sources from select 25 countries for the purpose of earning real income from Google Adsense. The author have also included results from his 11 years of experience as a publisher and further added results from students he has mentored.

This course is recommended. See the course curriculum to discover if this is a great take for you and enroll now.

What to learn?

Gain Expert Insights to Google Adsense Program How to design, and host an Adsense-optimized Blog How to automate blog traffic sources from 25 countries Get an Adsense Account and learn about high-paying blog niches for 2020 Learn how to promote Adsense Blog using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Discover why some Bloggers earn more and others don't


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be able to operate a computer
  • Basic understanding of internet advertising
  • Ability to write in English or syndicate blog articles
  • Must own a bank account to apply for Google Adsense

Target Audience

  • Bloggers and Internet Marketers
  • Students and Young Graduates
  • Anyone with passion to build alternative source of income via Google Adsense
  • 9-5 Employees who need extra source of non-taxable income


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This is Gold. I highly recommend this course.

Totally worth the money I spent. I highly recommend

Amazing tutorials and resources! I recommend this course.

$89.99 $62.99

Material Includes

  • A course bonus cheat sheet with 25 countries to target and make more money on adsense.
  • 50 well-researched blog niches that paid well in 2019 and currently doing great in 2020.
  • Handout on everything you need to know about Google Adsense.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Web Traffic Automation e-book
  • 1hr 54 minutes on-demand video.